Romanian Dacia sales go down in Germany and UK


New Dacia sales registrations in the UK dropped by 37% in August, whereas the British car market increased by 9.6%. About 428 new Dacia cars were registered in Great Britain in August, compared to 680 units in August last year.

In the first eight months of the year, however, the Dacia registrations in the UK went up by 5.7% up to almost 16,000 units, reports local

New Dacia registrations in Germany decreased by 2.2% in August, to some 3,800 units. Dacia’s market share reached 1.7%. The German car market rose by 6.2% in August.

In the first eight months of the year, the Dacia sales in Germany dropped by 6.7% to almost 31,000 cars.

Germany and UK are two of Dacia’s biggest markets in Europe, after France. Dacia’s sales in France also declined in August compared to last year.