Romanian healthcare operator Regina Maria’s largest hospital increases profit threefold


The Ponderas hospital, the largest one owned by the private healthcare operator Regina Maria, saw a net profit of EUR 1.33 million last year, three times higher compared to 2014.

The turnover amounted to EUR 15.5 million, up 48% over 2014, reports local The profit margin of 8.6% was double compared to the average margin in the medical services sector.

Regina Maria has received this week the Competition Council’s approval to take over the Ponderas hospital. Ponderas thus becomes the largest hospital in the Regina Maria network, with 141 beds, and 200 specialist doctors. The operator plans to expand the hospital’s capacity by 30% in the next years.

It is the fifth hospital of the Regina Maria network. The company owns other two units in Bucharest, one in Brasov, and one in Bacau.

The operator has also announced a new investment of EUR 15 million in a private hospital in downtown Cluj-Napoca, which will be built from scratch and will be opened in mid-2017.

 (photo source: Ponderas on Facebook)