Trade exchanges with UK in 2016 – record level of over 4 billion euros


The volume of bilateral trade exchanges between Romanian and the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland reached a new record level in 2016, namely 4.028 billion euros, the growth compared to 2015 stands at 2.06 percent, and the trade surplus was 946 million euros, a press release of the Romanian Embassy in London on Friday reveals.

“2016 was also defined by a growing trend of Romanian export on the British market, with a growth of +4.6 percent compared to the previous year. The overall value of Romania’s exports on the UK market accounted to 2.487 billion euros, ranking the British partner on the 5th position, both on the level of European Union (EU) member states and in the general ranking, with a share of 4.33 percent of the total exports of Romania,” the document reveals.

According to the document, Romania exported mostly machines and devices, electric equipment and spare parts, textile products and fabric, vehicles, aircraft, ships and auxiliary transport equipment.

“Romania’s imports from the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland recorded 1.541 billion euros in 2016, having a share of 2.29 percent of the total of Romanian imports. The UK is ranked on the 16th position in the general ranking in terms of imports, respectively the 13th position among EU states,” the Embassy informs.

Furthermore, the release reveals that last year the highest values were recorded in the history of commercial relations between Romania and the UK in terms of trade surplus.