Bucharest City Hall wants to build new hospital, multi-purpose center


Two projects that will be discussed by the Bucharest City Council (CGMB) entail new developments in the capital.

The City Hall is looking to take ownership of a plot of land in the downtown, Unirii area of Bucharest, to develop a multi-purpose center encompassing administrative spaces, office spaces, a business center, a leisure area and a parking space, among others, Economica.net reported.

The plot is located between the Unirii Boulevard, the Nerva Traian St., the Octavian Goga Blvd. and the Mircea Voda Blvd. Romania’s National Library is located nearby.

The land was initially meant to host the Esplanada project, announced around the year 2000. Then, Romania’s Transport Ministry planned to develop here a EUR 1 billion real estate project in a public-private partnership with the Hungarian group TriGranit. The project didn’t go through after several issues related to land restitution.

A 2015 government project looked again at the land, planning to develop here almost 150,000 sqm worth of office buildings for courts, higher education institutions, as well as a multifunctional cultural center. The project was titled the Justice Headquarters.

The Regional Development Minister (MDRAPFE) is currently looking at ways to continue a development meant for the public administration in the area, MDRAPFE representatives told Economica.net. The World Bank has also allotted financing to prepare a strategy for the area that would support the Government in making a decision about the site, according to the same source.

Besides the Unirii area project, the City Hall would also like to build a metropolitan hospital in the Northern neighborhood of Pipera, according to Economica.net. The 50,000 sqm plot for the new development is located at 63-65 Pipera Road, and is currently administered by the Romanian Public Television (TVR).

The planned hospital would have 2,000 beds and include departments that are under-served in the capital, such as oncology, neurology, intensive care, burns and rehabilitation.