Companies in Romania can apply for state aid until end of August


The companies that want to get state aid for investments with a major impact in economy can submit their requests until August 22.

The total budget for this program amounts to about EUR 145 million, up 50% compared to the previous sessions. The money is given as grants from the state budget for eligible expenditure for acquiring tangible and intangible assets.

This is part of a program carried out between 2015 and 2023, whose maximum budget reaches EUR 925 million.

Firms active in the Bucharest region can apply for a state aid of maximum EUR 11.1 million whereas the firms that operate in the west of Romania and the Ilfov region can get up to EUR 26.2 million. The highest amounts can be accessed by companies active in the other regions of Romania, namely up to EUR 37.5 million.

The investments made by companies need to create new jobs in order to qualify.