Romanian investor completes two new office buildings in Iasi


Romanian investor

Romanian investor Iulian Dascalu will complete two new office buildings in the United Business Center (UBC) Palas complex in Iasi, east of Romania, in the first part of this year.

The office buildings will cover 24,000 sqm and will host about 3,000 people. Some 3,900 employees already work in the complex.

In 2015, the number of people who worked in the UBC Palas complex rose by 25% compared to the previous year.

The two new buildings, namely UBC 5 and UBC 6, will cover 15,000 sqm, respectively 9,000 sqm. Through this new investment, the office component of the Palas complex will reach a rentable area of 62,000 sqm.

The Palas complex also includes a shopping mall, a residential area, an underground parking lot with 2,500 parking spaces and a perimeter set up for entertainment.

Dascalu will develop a similar project in Timisoara, in western Romania.

Romanian investor