The Moti cookies, for the first time at AFI Palace Cotroceni


motiko cookies luxury brand of japanese cakesMotiko, a luxury brand of Japanese cakes, prepared with traditional ingredients, brings Moti cakes on the Romanian market; the cookies are prepared with natural ingredients, having a fine texture, being able to satisfy even the most demanding tastes. The cookies contain a crust of rice starch and rice flour, which encase the creamy core, made with ice cream, whipped cream and cream.

Motiko island romanian market

“Romanians are more and more wishful to discover new tastes and flavors; that’s why we want to provide them with a full culinary experience through an offer as diversified as possible in our commercial center. We wish going out to mall to become great experiences for all of those who visit us day by day, and on the occasion of opening the Motiko island we invite them to discover Japan, through the special Moti cookies” stated Aura Dinu, Marketing Director, AFI Palace Malls Division.

moti desert vegetable composition afi palace

Moti desert also represents an adequate alternative for children or the ones who are more careful about their diet, since they have a low number of calories and 100 percent of vegetable composition.

Motiko island is located at the ground floor of the commercial center, near the “Cotroceni on Ice” ice skating rink.